Web-To-Print Tool For Your Print Factory

Ezycreate gives your company the best, easiest-to-use, easiest-to-setup, and cheapest photo printing app. 

Admin Features

Feature 1

Setup The Sizes

Choose from existing size templates or define your own for your print products.
Feature 2

Designer Themes

Customize the colors available on the Ezydesigner admin module to match your store branding.
Feature 3

Numerous Paper Options

Lets your customers choose from a variety of paper options.
Feature 4

Low-Resolution Image Warnings

Ezycreate displays a "Blur Warning" if your customer uploads a low-resolution image to avoid imperfection.
Feature 5

Template Creator

You can freely add more templates under different themes in addition to the pre-defined template bundle.
Feature 4

UI Customization

You can easily Enable or Disable UI features for each product on the Ezycreate dashboard.
Feature 5

Order Tracking

Ezycreate allows one to track the customers' orders in the dashboard right from designing to shipping.
Feature 4


Ezycreate accepts all local and international currencies worldwide.
Feature 5

Set Your Own Order Minimums

Ezycreate offers an opportunity to set the minimum number of orders required to process one order.
Feature 4

Multi-lingual support

Ezycreate supports various languages, including French, German, Japanese, Bahasa, Hindi, Arabic, Korean, Spanish, and many others.

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Customer Features

Switch b/w Products

Customers can easily switch between other products on the designer page only, instead of returning to the product category page each time they wish to change their product choice.


A storage option for your projects & images will be provided in accordance with the pricing module you choose. Our entry-level storage capacity starts at 10GB and rises in price.

Project Collaboration

Your customers can collaborate and work on the same project in the EzyDesigner by quickly sending links across.

Print Ready Files - pdf & jpeg

In EzyDesigner, your customers have the option to download your finished product as softcopies.

Pre-defined templates

Ezycreate features pre-defined templates (for various occasions) for your customers to personalize their print products.

Realistic Product Previews - 2D & 3D

Lets your customers view their finished products digitally using 2D & 3D previews on the EzyDesigner.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Ezycreate offers photo prints – prints, square prints, mini prints, retro prints, photo magnets, and poster prints, for your clients to order. 

Yes, the design tool makes advantage of responsive web design (RWD) technology. This makes it easier for Ezycreate to automatically adjust to the screen size of the device in which you are using it. The tool quickly adapts to varied-sized monitor screens, laptop screens, mobile devices, etc.

No, we don’t impose any additional fees on top of your monthly subscriptions and sign-up cost.  JUST ONE SUBSCRIPTION & NO HIDDEN FEES.

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